Life List

I am totally cribbing this idea off of Nicole over at More Is Better. She has a separate page for what she calls The Life List which is one of those Bucket List things, although I can't actually bring myself to watch The Bucket List movie to know for sure.(I avoid movies with old men dying because they make me cry too hard.)

ANYWAY! Here is my Life List and careful readers will notice that some of mine are the same/similar to hers and I can't help it, I think she's inspiring and we also have some similar interests, like travel. However, some of her goals are a bit naughtier than mine. Of course, if you read her blog (which you should totally do) you'd realize she's naughtier than me in general.


  1. Travel to Greece
  2. Travel to Italy
  3. Travel to Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and Antarctica
  4. Visit Machu Picchu 
  5. Spend a few months to a year in a different country (again)
  6. Learn Italian
  7. Relearn Spanish
  8. Make on big, start-over move. I've lived in NH all my life (except for my semester in Ireland.)
  9. Be married.
  10. Be a parent.
  11. Retire well.
  12. Find a job I love.
  13. Try being a full time writer.
  14. Publish a book.
  15. Get my Masters degree in English, Writing, or Psychology.
  16. Get a PH.D in Social Psychology. 
  17. Run a 5K.
  18. Go White Water Rafting somewhere in the west where it's a little more wild than Maine.
  19. Skydive, despite a crippling fear of heights.
  20. Swim with sharks. Not Nurse sharks. Nurse sharks are for wusses. :-)
  21. Blog enough that I can attend blogging conferences without feeling like a fraud.
  22. Keep my home clean for a month. 
  23. Throw a successful cocktail party.
  24. Budget, and live within my means.
  25. Make one extravagant (but saved up for) purchase a year. 
  26. Have a dog. We already have cats.
  27. Find a way to ride horseback regularly.
  28. Ride a horse along a tropical beach.
  29. Have one fabulous week-long vacation a year.
  30. Spend a weekend at  a spa.
  31. Attend a camp for grown ups.


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