Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things that matter to me

I've been reading a lot about living a minimalist lifestyle lately, and while it's certainly not in my nearby future, I think it can inspire me to get rid of a lot of my things. This will be especially helpful when I have to move, and when I really combine households with The Boy. (As of now, he's living out of a few suitcases, with his dress shirts in the coat closet and his play station acting as our DVD player. The only other thing is really his computer, which is out on a side table -not a desk- and is currently not working. ANYWAY--)

Here is a list of things that really matter to me, sentimentally, and that I would be devastated if I lost.
  • My old stories
  • The framed picture of me and Grammie
  • The necklace from Nana and shell pendant from mom
  • My Charles de Lint book collection (I guess I could rebuild this, but he was instrumental in me wanting to become a writer) and the e-mail I received from him back when e-mail was still pretty new. (I think it was on prodigy!)
  • My old pictures, but definitely not all of them. (Project: go through)
  • The pewter mermaid from The Boy (Version 1.0, back in 1996 when we dated this first time.)
  • My claddagh ring (because it's from my Nana and symbolizes my time in Ireland)
  • Paintings from my mother and Jess
  • The book of nursery rhymes given to from my brother

This is harder than I thought.

I can think of a lot of things that I LOVE-- pieces of jewelery, my wii, things like that, but the list of things that matter-- off the top of my head, anyway-- is strangely small.

It also doesn't include my cat. But that's because I don't own her, she owns me.

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  1. Minimalism is confusing business. I juuust wrote about my struggles with it.