Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh Sheet!

I'm in search of sheets.

We're going to be using Brad's way more comfortable queen-size bed, instead of my old, squeeky full-size. So far I've bought a down-alternative duvet from Urban Outfitters and a silver-faux fur blanket for the end of the bed from Ebay. (This is using the savings account I created for apartment things, and is not coming out of my normal budget. This is the same savings account that allows us to have all of November as a moving month, and that will be paying to have the old place professionally cleaned. This is the benefit of knowing you will be moving months ahead of time!)

So now I want sheets. I could use Brad's, but he's a boy, and he had boy colors that I don't like very much. The bedroom is supposed to by MY retreat, since the second bedroom is his ManCave. So new sheets it is.

What I want is to make a bed that is so comfortable, we won't leave it on the weekends unless the apartment is on fire. I want to have the most comfortable bed IN THE WORLD. So where can I get the very best sheets at an affordable price? WHERE? Tell me Internet. I'm turning to you.

I want my bed to feel like this: 

Or this:

Thanks in advance,


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  1. I get sheets from TJMaxx/HomeGoods/Marshalls. They have really good deals. Also, big fan of for sheets too. And when they're having a white sale, Macy's has Martha Stewart sheets for under a bazillion dollars.

  2. I love my 400 thread count plain chocolate brown sheets that I got at (don't tell) Wal Mart. For something like $40, queen sized. Target has some too- overstock I'm sure does. Look for deals on plain sheets with high thread counts, then check out Homegoods, Target, or PB for the little pillows that give it personality and are great for resting a book on.

  3. When David and I did our mini honeymoon, we stayed at The Gazebo Inn in Ogunquit, ME. ( hello 800 count sheets... they sell them, though I'm sure they're not cheap. They are the most amazing sheets ever, though.

  4. Ooo I know the answer to this one!

    We got the 600 thread count and they are divine!