Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There are not enough words for "comfy."

Note: I wrote this post yesterday and, upon rereading it, noticed I have a strange obsession with the word "comfy." Therefore, I am going to turn to a trusty thesaurus and asterisk every word I changed, so you can see just how comfy-blasted this originally was. The first comfy gets to stay.

I found this article over at Gal Time called Moving In Together: How to Merge & Purge Your Stuff which I find quite timely. While Brad and I have been "living" together for over a year now, he's been basically staying at my place while all of his things are in storage. One of the best parts of this move is that he and I actually making a home together, and every once in a while, we get quite giddy over that.

This does not mean it's been easy. I'm used to having My Things My Way, whereas he's missed some of his belongings and is excited to bring them back out to play. So what stays?

So far, he gets his TV (which is bigger than mine), his bed (which is better than mine and OH SO COMFY) his dining room table, and whatever he chooses to keep for his Man Cave. I'm bringing along my smaller TV (for his Man Cave until he splurges on an even bigger TV and everything shifts), my grandfather's book shelf, and a commodious* brown chair and ottoman. The rest is to be left out in the cold.

One of the tips in the article is this:  

If You Can’t Compromise, Start Over
If you can’t agree on which of your couches should go in the living room, it may make sense to get something you both like. You’re starting a new life together and your place should reflect both of your tastes.

This is something we figured out on our own. My cat ruined my soft, cushy* couch when she decided it was better than a litter box; his cats ruined his versatile couch when they decided they didn't like having sharp claws. We both put our feet down, and thus began the Hunt for the Perfect Couch.

We had certain criteria in mind-- cozy*, blending with the chair, and affordable. At first I was anti-reclining because I knew they'd be heavy, and we're still in apartment living which means semi-frequent moving, but I relented when I was snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug*,  and they were included in our search. Like this:
The middle folds down to reveal a tray and the side seats offer "massage."

We were also interested in a couch with a chaise, although we were pretty stubborn about the fact that it needed to be able to switch sides (due to the aforementioned moving issues). Like this:

What we didn't expect, was to fall in love with this:

Because it's awesome. It's comfortable. It's pretty.  And it's THE MOST VERSATILE couch on the planet. It can have a "chaise" on either side, depending on where you put the second armless chair. The ottoman can go wherever our little hearts desire. And, the coolest thing, if you push the two armed chairs together, and then line up the armless chairs, it turns into a double bed "pit" of comfy-ness* (how do I change this? It stays.) for guests. It's more expensive than our other options, but it's the one that made us absolutely light up and think "this is what I want in OUR home" and so we're splurging and making it our Christmas presents to each other.

When it's right, you just KNOW, you know?


  1. My housemate has the same style couch in the "guest" living room (the regular one is also otherwise known as "the cat's" living room), and it's just about the most comfortable couch on the planet. Love it!

  2. All the furniture in our apartment came from Rambo's bachelor pad. Well, except our bookcases ( Target) and the cute little white bench I bought at a yardsale. Everything else? Bachelor pad! I will be living vicariously through you Obi Won Knobi. :)