Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is what I haven't told you

What's this?

Food of the Gods

It's one of the most delicious pizzas ever created that you know nothing about because I never told you I made it. It's got broccoli and and onions and spinach and kielbasa (which, it turns out, is AMAZING as a pizza topping-- who knew?) and I was so proud I took a picture and then ignored it.

I also didn't tell you that I bought a new (black) Wii because Brad bought a new entertainment system and the white Wii stood out like a sore thumb. It also made an obnoxious noise and was a gift from a previous boyfriend, but really, I dumped it because it clashed. I intended to sell the old one to make back some of the cost but I'm giving it to my parents instead because my father promises he'll use it and I like the fact it will get my parents moving around. Regardless, I was embarrassed by my choice (although I love it, love it, love it and just seeing it nestled among the other pristine black electronics on the new entertainment stand makes me happy) and was so reluctant to come clean that avoided posting here. And then I didn't want to write a "sorry I haven't been posting" blog and so I didn't post here even more. It became a spiral of shame.

So instead I won't be sorry anymore-- in fact, I'll say "Sorry I'm not sorry"-- and if you click on  that link you'll forgive me instantly because Rachel Wilkerson is an amazing blogger and if you're not reading her you should be.

And now we'll get back to more regular blogging, even though in less than a week I'll be on vacation. I'm not sorry about that either!

But  I did miss you. And this. So that's something, right?


  1. Ooohhhh! When did you re-do your blog header? Looks great! (Or am I just crazy and it's always been that cool?)

    I can't believe you bought a Wii to match your entertainment center. Lol! I couldn't stop giggling at that. None of our electronics on our black entertainment center are black, except the internet modem. We have a white XBOX 360 (or is it gray? whatev), a white Wii, and a white back-up storage device thingy. I've never even thought about it!

    Now... I will admit that I've often considered replacing the entertainment center itself because it doesn't match the rest of the furniture. Our living room furniture is dark mahogany, but the entertainment center is black. It was the best we could do after my husband bought a new TV and realized it wouldn't fit in the entertainment center we already had. Oh well. ;)

  2. Of sentences stricken from the minds and mouths of women the world around, this, I had assumed, was surely one:

    "...although I love it, love it, love it and just seeing it nestled among the other pristine black electronics on the new entertainment stand makes me happy..."

    You continually amaze, my dear...

  3. aint no shame in a new wii! vacation! woo! hope you found my suggestions helpful!

  4. Brooke-- yes, thank you! I really appreciated all your ideas. I am so excited I can barely concentrate at work which is potentially detrimental and I need to snap out of it. But honestly? All I want to do is wander up to the Daq Shack and hit the beach.

  5. DId you make that pizza from scratch???
    If so, did you need a baking stone? If not, ignore me, haha :)

    I bought a black XBOX because everything else was black too. I'm the same way with kitchen stuff. If I'm going to have a black coffee pot, then I need a black microwave, blender, etc too!

  6. Well, you know. Friend came to me with his lament that he's now about the embark on DMing D&D games because the game pieces are damn cute and good ole "wee things are CUUUTE" in me overrides the PF and completely goes with it. "A-yup, cute! Yes! Go for it!"

    It took about ten minutes for the rest of my brain to catch up and tell him to wait until 2013 to start DMing because darned if his finances can take it.