Saturday, July 9, 2011

Look What I Made! Fri-date Night

Brad and I had date night last night, the traditional dinner and a movie, but instead of the fancy restaurant and movie theater routine like we did last week, we stayed in and I cooked. And I didn't make any of my regular meals, like veggie burgers or, um.... what else do I make? Breakfast foods? Whatever. Oh no, I conquered a freaking RECIPE.

THIS recipe, which I found over at A Cozy Kitchen.

Lemon, Chard, and Spicy Sausage Lasagna
This is HER finished product, not mine. I'll show you mine (heh) but I thought you'd be more tempted to make it yourself if you saw this image first.
The name is a misnomer because her recipe calls for sweet Italian sausage and not spicy sausage, which made it perfect because Brad doesn't really enjoy spicy foods.  I can tell that it would be good with either. The white sauce is delicious and reminds me of the creamed ham on toast that my mother still makes me to this day because it's one of my favorite things ever.  The whole thing is infused with lemon and I bet if I learn how to slice that little citrusy bugger into delicate thin whisps, the lemons themselves would have been more delicious.

Also, I cooked the whole thing dressed in nothing but an apron, so even if it wasn't good, Brad wouldn't notice. Date night win!

Things I learned while cooking:

1. This is chard.
Chard is delightfully easy to cut through, and it is sort of satisfying to see chard shards scattered across your counter when you don't manage to scoop everything up and put it in your sauce. It makes you feel healthy, and you can forget that the rest of your meal consists of carbs, cream, butter, and sausage.

2. Sausage has casings, and if you want to cook it up all nice like, you remove the clear, nearly invisible casing, an act which feels obscene, like you're violating a sausage. And then when you mash it all up, you feel kind of bad for the little guy. (What, is this just me?)

3: Sometimes it would be okay to make a little more sauce than the recipe calls for because it's delicious and I didn't think I had quite enough in the end. Next time, I'll use four cups of milk and adjust the flour and butter accordingly.

4. When you cook in only an apron, your boyfriend will bring you wine whenever you request it. But ladies, for safety sake, wear one of these:

And not just one of these, cute as it may be:

Image source

Oh, right, the big reveal:

Okay, not so impressive, but it WAS really good, and Brad didn't really look at it anyway.

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  1. Very nice. And wise of you do to a casserole. Grilling/Frying in only an apron (or less) is far too dangereaux.