Friday, December 10, 2010

Look what I made! DIY Ornaments

It's starfish Santa!

I am the opposite of crafty, although this morning Brad told me that I am always really happy when I do get my craft on, and I've just never noticed. Whatever. I felt like I was channeling my mother yesterday,  who has been a painter for as long as I remember. And it was fun. I MADE THREE!

My friend Jess had an ornament making party. She's the one who had the starfish Santa idea. Lacking confidence, I only brought colored ornaments and paint pens, inspired by this video:

Quick Gilded Ornaments - Better Homes and Gardens

Still cool,though. And super easy.

 Jen brought a ribbon ornament idea that I didn't do because I  was too busy happily making Santas. But still, the ornament is beautiful:

...although hers had beads in between the layers. Directions can be found here.

Then, using spare beads from the ribbon ornarment, Jen also made shell angels similar to this, but without the crown:

This one you can buy on Etsy

  All the star fish and the shells were left over decorations from Jess's wedding (the one I wrote the speech for). The colored ornaments were spare ones I hadn't used this year, which were languishing in their packaging due to a lack of love. NO MORE!

Between the wine, the Christmas movie, good company, and my darling Santas, the entire night was a success. I'm looking forward to next year's party already.And honestly, if I can do it, you can. Promise.


  1. "I am the opposite of crafty"

    I think there needs to be a redefinition of the word "crafty". Too many people claim this and very often it seems to be because they don't measure up to Martha Stewart.

    Then again, I'm also the girl who does not believe that in order to be a "real" artist, I need to have one medium that I was taught at a school, so my opinions on the matter are probably a little skewed... ;)